On-Site Denture Laboratory for Repairs and Relines,
with New Dentures
and Partials
Starting at $449

Dr. Christopher Lamb and his staff have been serving the local Chicagoland community for over 40 years.

Our denture fees are lower than other offices because we have the denture laboratory and technicians on-site. We can work with most dental PPO insurance progams to save you even more out-of-pocket cost.

And if you need a payment plan to make getting your new smile even easier; we do accept Care Credit.

With our on-site lab, most dentures and partials can be repaired in about 1 hour. Repairs usually range from $49 to $219. There is never a charge to look at your denture for an exact quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I replace my dentures?

The ADA recommends replacing your dentures every 5 to 10 years. As your bone shrinks over time, and denture teeth wear down, replacing your dentures will help with with eating and chewing, digestion, and overall health.

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How are you different from a big box dental chain?

Our pricing is almost identical. However, with over 40 years of experience, we can guarantee the highest quality results at our office. Dental chains can vary greatly depending on the experience of doctors and staff.

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When do I need to have my dentures relined?

Relines are suggested about every 3 years. A reline my also be needed 4 to 6 months after extractions. As time goes on, space forms between your denture and your ridge. A reline permanently fills in this space.

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