Denture Reline

Denture relining is the process of refitting a denture to compensate for natural changes in the mouth, like shrinkage of bone and tissue. In many cases, but not all cases, patients will notice a need for relining when their dentures become loose or less stable when they are eating. Breakage and soreness are also indications for the need of a reline.

There are many types of relines. We only perform 'laboratory' relines because we feel they are the best fitting and longest lasting type of reline. They offer the best comfort and require less adjusting afterwards.

We offer 3 hour service on laboratory relines with an appointment.

Soft denture relines are often suggested for patients with very flat lower ridges and for those patients with chronic soreness of their lower ridge. We use a extremely high quality soft material which is manufactured to last for many years, unlike cheaper "chairside" versions that get hard and brittle after only a few months.

Soft denture reline service does require the denture to be processed for 8 hours, so we offer overnight service with this type of reline.


Laboratory Upper or Lower Denture Reline
($339.00) each

Soft Denture Reline
($449.00) each

(Discount pricing shown. These prices are for cash, check, debit, credit card, Care Credit at 6 months no interest, and when you submit to your dental insurance directly on your own. Pricing is higher when you are using Care Credit at 12 months or more and when our office is submitting insurance for you.)